4 definitions by groggsman

The act of a male pounding another males asshole with so much force that he literally stabs the other man's poo with his penis. After he takes his penis out of the other man's asshole, the other man might suck off the poo and make the man cum at the same time.
"dude, dave so so hammered last night he poo stabbed the dog"
by groggsman April 29, 2004
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One who uses ilicit drugs consistently because of addiction or to escape their dull lives and resort to paranoia.
I didn't know you were a druggo, SORRY BRO!!!
by groggsman December 9, 2003
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White people who sip their latte's and care more about fashion and the environment than their beloved god.
I hate these FUKIN yuppies!
by groggsman December 9, 2003
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A phrase used to over apologise in an over-dramatic lebanese tone.
Harold: My father killed himself.
by groggsman December 10, 2003
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