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The second largest and Most important city in the state of Montana and home of the University of Montana Grizzly football team 2010 population 68,000. Nicknames include the garden city and zoo town due to it sounding like Mi-zoo-la.
Missoula has doubled in size from the 1970s to today.
by grizmaster March 26, 2011
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An interface Microsoft uses to try and force feed unwanted add-ons on a persons computer.
Thanks to Microsoft's Idiot Exploder shoving ActiveX down my computers throat the thing crashes all the time.
by grizmaster March 26, 2011
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The proper name for the internet browser Microsoft illegally put into every operating system. The software crashes frequently and dupes the user into downloading add-ons that slow the computer down and guzzle down RAM. And worst of all Microsoft stuck in restrictions that prohibit the user from uninstalling the browser.
The founders of Microsoft oughta be locked up for installing Microshit Idiot Exploder on our computers and forbidding us from deleting it.
by grizmaster March 26, 2011
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