1.) One who prematurely ejaculates
2.) The nickname for the 90's Ford Explorers, because, according to Ford haters, they are a worthless p.o.s. that always breaks down or explodes, which is not necessarily true.
1.) Girl: Yeah I was about to have sex with my boyfriend, until I realized he was an exploder

2.) Guy 1: Hey checkout that Ford Exploder! What a piece of sh!t!
Guy 2: Atleast my Exploder is movin unlike that Blazer sitting on blocks over there.
by scotty_scotland October 26, 2010
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when someone gives oral sex with pop rocks (the candy) in their mouth at the same time.
(usually getting your dick sucked)
OMG Jenny, I gave my boyfriend the best exploder he's ever had.
by TheOralMaster August 08, 2011
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