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danger that will result in death. hence grave.
jim : bob your in grave danger
bob : OK
by grandest of autismo January 03, 2019

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Troll King of Lanphier High School Be careful, If he spots you with a phone out or earbuds in, the consequences are great. Your items will be confiscated, and you may get In house.
Aaron : "Goddamnit, Dr.Doss came and took my phone and earbuds!"
Jamie : "Your fault, kind of had it coming to you
Aaron : "He Artie Dossed me!
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by grandest of autismo April 15, 2019

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A dirty Bastard, Someone who doesn't take showers often, Has dirty hands/fingernails, Might smell like asscheeks and onions for body odor, Might smell like ass, watch out Dirturchins often like to act like they are the shit until they are beat up. They do not learn lessons easily and are like any other animal, Often competing with each other for partners and territory. They are often found in little towns like Springfield in Illinois.
Dirturchin : *Incoherent Babbling about a subject*
Person 1 : "You're a dirturchin."
Person 2: "Absolutely. Shut your mouth."
by grandest of autismo May 21, 2019

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Despite how many people seem to think this school is awful, it is really not that bad. The Gangbangers and Druggies also Drug Dealers can be ignored. People do not get raped during school hours. Although people with weapons at school is a 100% the administration is awful too. So many are not wrong when they say this school is bad. The school is ~80+ years old now, being built in 1937.
Joey : "Hey man, I'm not going to Springfield Southeast High School Next year my family moved and I'm going to Lanphier High School
David : "That sucks!!"
Ethan : "It's not that bad fruitcup."
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by grandest of autismo February 25, 2019

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When You want to hang out with your Friend but they come up with some lousy excuse, so you tell them you remember that because when they want to hang out with you, you will come up with some lousy excuse just like they did.
Man 1 : "Hey, lets go this place."
Man 2 : "No, I'm playing video games."
Man 1 : "You remember that."

(Five Days Later) ;
Man 2 : "Dude, let's hang out!"
Man 1 : "No sorry, I'm playing video games right now."
by grandest of autismo November 18, 2018

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slang for weed or cannabis
Buyer : "Hey man, you got any Burger King Foot Lettuce?"
Dealer : "Fuck yeah."
by grandest of autismo March 11, 2018

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An insult of an aroma of cooking food comparable to that of a Dumpster frying large amounts of food in it filled with Broth and Water... Acting as a giant, bacteria infested, pot of sorts, Filling the pot with chickens, pieces of mystery meat and possibly human parts. This method is typically used in school kitchens to prepare food for students.
A shitty smell wafts up the hallway during a passing period at school
Student 1 : "What is that awful smell? Is the cafeteria making something shitty for lunch I suppose?"
Student 2 : "Yep, I know that smell anywhere. It's a dumpster frying.
Student 1 : "Damn."
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by grandest of autismo October 10, 2019

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