n.-A variation on chess, the origin for the name of which no rational person is aware. There are four players broken into two teams, and each player has a partner who plays the opposite color, passing along any pieces (s)he may capture. Pieces may be placed as a turn instead of moving a piece already on the board. Also timed (chess clocks): five minutes.

Bughouse has spawned such brilliant insults as:
"I'll castle your queen-side."
"How about a free king?"
"Oh my fucking God. He played e5."
"Ah. The double sit. Classic."
I resign. Want to play bughouse?
by raskolnikov, PhD. April 7, 2007
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Bughouse Chess is a variant of Chess. It is also known as Siamese Chess, but this term is rarely, if ever, used in the community of Bughouse players. Essentially, you select a partner by request, and play another team comprised of 2 players. You and your partner each play your own board (typically high rated vs high rated and so forth), but both boards are visible to all 4 of the players. Turns still apply, the time control is typically under 3 mins (or 3 minutes 0 increment), priority of check still applies, all of the pieces still move the same, etc.) What non-experienced players will find down-right puzzling is the piece bank (amongst a few other things). When a piece is captured on your partner's board, the piece immediately becomes available for your use (given it is your turn). The piece does not expire, and can be used at any point in the game, so long as it is your turn to move. This works vice versa, and works to create an unparalleled element of creativity, via tactics and strategy, that "regular" chess does not.

This game is predominantly played on major servers such as, ICC (Internet Chess Club and FICS (Free Internet Chess Server); far more so on the latter mentioned server, though. The game is highly addictive, mentally draining, stressful, life and mood altering, and flat-out FUN!

The best way to describe it is for you to come play for yourself!
A more accurate list of insults inspired by bug-rage, or HATE as us players would define, are:

Partner Tell's (Actual voiced tells that were recorded by one of the OG's of Bughouse Chess, WhoAmI...

- Dear God They Suck
- Lag Cheating Fuckers
- I'm Finger Focking Him

Other descriptive terms:

- King Walking - (Evading mate, typically against lower rated players) by walking your king across the board.

- I sit - (Using time advantage to win an otherwise loss or losing position.
- FEED ME - Partner has crushing position IF you (his partner) are able to trade many pieces to add to his bank.
- Piece Bank - Pieces not on the board, but available to drop on the board when your turn.
- Drop - Ability to take a piece from the bank, and drop on any legal square. (Rules of regular chess still apply). You can not drop a pawn ON the promotion square, but you may do so on the 7th or 2nd ranks.

A commonly shared point of view amongst the players is that: "Points = Life" This is in regards to your rating.

Some current, notable players and a few legendary players:

- Jkiller
- Vaboris
- ChickenCrossRoad
- DragonSlayr (retired)
- WhoAmI (Founding GodFarther-like and retired)
- TanTheMan
- Horkko
- FireFly
- LinusO

and many, many more...
by Points=Life August 31, 2011
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