33 definition by grace

an elephant-like stalker of a basically timid nature
That big fat fool in the corner is my latest sychophant
by grace November 01, 2003

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a silly girl named kathryn
Squigger played basketball on Sunday and made three three-pointers.
by Grace January 23, 2004

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how grace is now that richard forgave her... sigh....
im giddy...haha and im not a sex fein
by grace July 21, 2004

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patrick stumph

is mine and tegan's and pete wentz's, sings for fall out boy
"i am graces only" says Patrick Stump
by grace March 19, 2005

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adj. (Australia & Marsh Chapel)(2003)
slang. a: cool: EXCELLENT b: a positive epithet or interjection
"That is way fibre"
"This is so fibre!"
by Grace September 30, 2003

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