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1. a person who is very interested in counter strike and plays it at steve's house for-ev-er

2. a person who carrys around daggers and golf clubs to hit n*****s and Chalz with.
Grace: stop playing counter strike !
Josh: this is my fav. stage.
Grace: ur such a JOush!
by Grace February 15, 2004
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Joush is a guy who drinks copious amounts of grapefruit juice without any regard to how he is impacting the citrus fruit industry. He seems like a quality guy when you meet him, but in reality he is rapidly bringing the level of Vitamin C on Earth to lethal amounts, accelerating the extinction of mankind.
I thought he was making a pun when he said he was "Joushing" with me, but now I have scurvy.
by Joush September 24, 2018
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