6 definitions by gorge

Fucking a she or a he through there shit hole
Alejandro gets fucked by his brother through the ass witch causes his choad to swellup.
by gorge June 20, 2003
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when a guy rubs is pecker fr pleasure
by gorge May 26, 2003
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A funny and handsome person. Carrying and kind hearted
That guy is Johnibek
by gorge November 26, 2018
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A sess pool teaming with cunt monkeys
This place is a nasty as KlHT
by gorge October 6, 2003
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feeling the breasts of the female.... over or under the shirt or bra
by gorge May 26, 2003
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shitbull is lke bullshit
are u shitbulling me u bith
by gorge March 7, 2004
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