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Adjective- almost the same as chav only more so.

Describes the sort of person that one sees in hanging around the job centre/social security office usually identified by gold rings, sportswear, baseball caps, a below average IQ, related parents and children with "exotic" names eg. Chantelle, Rochella or Daralyn
I hate going to the job centre it's always full of Jordachs.

I can't believe that jordach called her kid cacherelle
by gordie303 December 08, 2005
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acronym of Northern Techno Alliance.
An English group of like minded DJs playing mainly dirty acid techno in the open air during summer
Did you go to the NTA do last night
by gordie303 December 08, 2005
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Acronym meaning: Bloody Useless Set Blagging Idiot.

Used to describe the sort of person that turns up at an organised event be it a Rave or club night with a bag of records and constantly begs you for a set while your are trying to DJ, usually accompanied with a torrent of verbal diarrhea about all the people they know or the clubs they have played in
"can you tell that Busbi to sod off he's not getting on the decks"

"all night this one busbi was on at me about how he once played before Dave the Drummer"
by gordie303 February 12, 2006
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