16 definitions by ghost towne

A faster way of saying "fuck yeah dude."
Samuel: Damn, the pop machine just spit out two Wild Cherry Pepsis for .50!

Michelle: Fyade!
by ghost towne May 21, 2022
When you turn off all the lights in your apartment at 3 a.m. and play AC/DC as loud as possible.
The Ginch: Neighbors are fighting again.
Charney: Time for an AC/DC power outage.
by ghost towne May 10, 2021
Eating an excessively large meal.
Amiee: I think we ate enough food for 5 people. That was a real B.P.
Kent: B.P.?
Amiee: Bowel Pack
by ghost towne July 4, 2021
An abréviation of the phrase "yeah dude."
Nate: Do those fries need salt?
Paul: Yade.
by ghost towne August 13, 2013
Ron: You know those Diet Cokes are worse for ya than regular Coke Classic
Erika: They should call it retard juice
Dave:I like a Diet Coke
Erika: They should call it retard juice, they should call it retard juice.
by ghost towne May 8, 2021
A synonym for a genre of rock music most commonly known as doom metal. Genre also known as riff rock or stoner rock.
Javy: Pentagram is my favorite durdalurt band.
Eric: Durdalurt? You mean doom metal?
Javy: Its because all the songs in that genre go 'dur durdalurt durda durdalurtalurt.'
by ghost towne March 14, 2021
A forecast of severe weather that amounts to nothing.
Robert: "The news said there is going to be a major thunderstorm tonight, possible tornado."
Bill: (hours later) "That turned out to be a real borenado."
by ghost towne May 23, 2020