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Like to laugh at other peoples miss fortunes, e.g tripping over a crub, stumbling in the slightest, and so on and so forth. Like to be seen in large crowds of people, all wearing the same dirty nike trainers and tracksuit outfits. Some of the tallented ones MAY be able to string two words together that have further meaning than 'fuck off' and might be able to come out with somthing more intelegent to say than to start talking about some ones mother, who the USUALLY will not have even met.
Townie: 'OH go suck ya mom!'
by georgia January 21, 2004
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When one of those really skanky girls that you no touches you and you just all of a sudden feel really dirty.
OMG! I was standin in the hall today, when all of a sudden Lanie walked by and touched my arm! I felt so skank touched i had to go and wash it off right away!
by Georgia August 21, 2003
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the most beautiful person around has a BLONDE best friend hu is very funny at times and great the next,breaks walls and hazzardous around garden chairs
compared to Angelina Jolee
by Georgia February 10, 2005
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"licked out"
same as "licked out" when a woman has her vagina licked out by a man
laura:"so what did you do last night with him then?"
amy:"we did scrums!!"
laura:"he gave you scrums, cool its great isnt it!"
by georgia November 01, 2004
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the thing or state of being that we know and yet do not know, fear and yet do not fear.
I knew he wanted to slap the bejesus out of me for that comment, but I didn't care.
by georgia July 24, 2003
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