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n.: A chance meeting between two women, who are unaware of the man having been inside of them both.
It was an unusual cockumstance, when my ex-girlfriend and some chick I banged met each other at a bar.
by genio2010 October 02, 2010
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n. a measure of time valued at the length it takes to smoke a blunt
I can really only tolerate him for an ellsworth.

Wanna roll by my crib? You can stop in for an ellsworth.
by genio2010 April 06, 2010
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adj. to be smoking weed in an inconspicuous fashion
My parents are upstairs, so let's be incogweedo about this!
by genio2010 November 02, 2010
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n. pussy semen
Baby, I'm so moist, my pemen is dripping down my thigh.

Clive Owen is so hot, he gets my pemen flowing!
by genio2010 May 20, 2011
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v. to get someone under the influence of something detrimental to focusing, needs to get their head out of their ass and focus
Hey Cheech, fockus!

Please stop being such a fucker, and fockus on your next move!
by genio2010 April 05, 2010
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