n. a measure of time valued at the length it takes to smoke a blunt
I can really only tolerate him for an ellsworth.

Wanna roll by my crib? You can stop in for an ellsworth.
by genio2010 April 6, 2010
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A piece of crap town in Mid-West Wisconsin. Often known as the "Land of Skaters", you need to watch out, cuz they might just shank ya.
I barely made it out of Ellsworth alive.
by PCRox June 8, 2011
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a. term used to describe the unimportance of a test or quiz, mostly because of its lack of knowledge you gain after taking it.
b. term used to describe a humorous act or gesture, also used to replace the word "joke".
Teacher: Attention class! You are now going to have a quiz on Arthur Miller's, Death of a Salesman.

-Following the quiz-

Student: That quiz he gave us won't even help us! His methods of teaching is an Ellsworth!
by Roy Haabs September 28, 2010
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A tiny place near Rapid City, SD that is completely devoid of hope and aspirations. Morale is instantly sucked from you upon passing through the main gate.
"Just got orders to Ellsworth."

"I'm sorry man."
by BillyMarshall March 25, 2016
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1. person or persons with abnormally large mullets
2. a mock child molester, offhandedly
1. dude that guy is such an Ellsworth!
2. dude he asked me for my myspace and i think hes an Ellsworth.
by halfandhalf123 May 12, 2008
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One of the BEST WWE Superstars to enter a SmackDown! Ring.
WWEUniverse: James Ellsworth!
by @RichAbbottLOL November 1, 2016
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When a girl is sucking ya dick you make a face like you're about to cum and then just when she think she got you beat you jiz all over her face then turn her around and stick it in her butt.
Yo I remember when I gave my chic the ellsworth blizzard. Ain't nothing like letting her think everything is fine then busting one on her face!
by T to the Next Power April 15, 2009
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