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Real meaning: when someone does harm to you, you can do the same to them.
Rick: So, Mike stole Shelly from me; Well, two can play at that game!
by Fruityogos January 10, 2011

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A friend of mine told me about the Origins of how vampires came from. It started off as that vampires were people with rabies, you know people bit by animals that have rabies. These people with rabies foam their mouth, act animal-like into terms of bite other animals or humans in the neck, sucking blood from two holes created by their fangs. Like to live in darkness because they either developed a pupil or retina capable of nocturnal vision or just like darkness.

They are afraid of light, obviously because it can nearly blind their vision to see, they like to see in darkness or their eyes are not adjust to the sensitivity of light. Some examples are shining metals or objects, mirrors, and sources of light(like the sun). They are afraid of water because they either want to stay dry, hypothermia, or hygiene issues.

Now I don't know how people with rabies can grow fangs that can be of 2 inches or more...The religious things tide into destroying vampires...well, I don't know how that got started but light can kill vampires, I think.

Vampires may originate from people contacted with rabies, not sure if that's the case, but you may prove my information is nonsense or dislike opinion.

The transformation of the bat, I don't know how that came from. Not all vampires are evil.
Vampires from twilight saga are not real vampires.

First of all, vampires don't really have red eyes(you can prove it to me scientifically), they are supposed to morph into bats and become quick killers. Any sources of light seem to not affect them or kill them, they seemed impervious to light. Lastly, I don't know if vampires have powers or not maybe they do.

Vampires are respected and feared, but twilight saga has made them an insult to their kind.
by Fruityogos September 09, 2010

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An actual song by DJ. Assault.

This song has many videos regarding women shaking their asses and dancing.

What men basically Judge women by in terms of body. Sad but True.
Mack: This song is the Shit!

John: Hey Mack, what are you listening to?

Mack: Ass and Titties man!

John: Is it good?

Mack: Yeah!
by Fruityogos October 05, 2010

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A human or animal that eats its own kind.

These people don't care who you are, they will just eat you either alive or cooked. They may put spices on you and then cook you alive.

They appear in post-apocalyptic books or if so, our earth if it becomes one.

In famines, starving peoples' only source of food is eating others.
Books with cannibals in them, well so far I know that: The Road, is one of them.

The movie: The Road, tells about the book, has a wide perspective of cannibalism being a fear among survivors in a post-apocalyptic world.

Any animal or human or bug(e.g. The female praying mantis eats the head of her mate after mating) that devours the flesh of its or her or his kind are considered a cannibal.

A cannibal may approach to you with their jaws watering and teeth stained with blood. They may bite you to death or kill you, you must fight back, kill them or you will be food. Even if you run away, they may outrun you. Unless you get lucky.
by Fruityogos April 02, 2011

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The tao is pronounced dao.

Founded by the philosophers of china. Tao is simply put: The Way. Tao is undefinable, to define it is to define something other then the tao, thus, the tao may not even have a definition at all. Tao is also explained as a religion in China called Taoism. Though taoism was not intended to be a religion but a philosophical concept, Chinese people put people of great figure and prestige like Guan Yu, Lao Zi, to name few of many as gods. To have a greater understanding of the Tao, read Lao Zi's l Ching or the book of birthdays. l Ching is orginally found in China, but nobody knows where it is, so The book of birthdays is an English translation of the l Ching. That's what I know about the Tao.
The tao cannot be explain. To define the tao is to define something else other then the tao. To give an example relating to something that is trying to define the tao is not the tao, because that has nothing to do with the way, and so it is not the definition for the Tao.

e.g. the tao is simply put: The way. What is the way? nobody knows. Some may say it is the path to believe in the Christian God. Some say it is destiny. Some say it is the method to become rich and successful. Some say the way is when we will come to that place after death. All these things have nothing to do with the Tao because it remains a mystery unsolved.
by fruityogos June 04, 2011

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Police armed with military weapons to fend off people who destroy the habitat of several animals, environment, and ecology. They will stop at nothing to protect plants that are common to the rarest tree that is the bare survivor to its kind.
Green Police are the elite force in stopping people from cutting trees down to creating forest or wild fires.

They are in tune to nature and can teleport to the nearest plant where their enemies are.

Sadly, we don't have the green police, but we do have environmentalists and people who care about the plant kingdom.
by Fruityogos April 11, 2011

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A very common STD if you're not careful with whom you don't know if you're sleeping with them.

It burns when you pee.

It itches, so you have to like scratch it.

Curable if you detected early because it's also bacterial Virus.

Can make you sterile if not treated or cured for guys, can turn into HPV if not treated or cured early on for women.
It was 6:30 a.m. and Mack was having a hangover from that one night of drinking with his buddies and girls over his dorm. He didn't remember what he did last night. He went to the Clinic, got tested. To his surprise he got Gonorrhea, went to the doctor and got it cured. Mack realized something, never sleep with women that he didn't know for a long time, being drunk while he's doing it, and strapping on times 3.
by Fruityogos October 05, 2010

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