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in actuallity it means: to dissipate or disappear like vapor
life is in a constant state of evanescence.
by Frankie March 26, 2005
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Military term for the human female, either singly or in a group.
"Man, look at all that splittail!"
by Frankie February 5, 2004
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A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.
Hey doc, now that I have a shot at a nice job, how do I remove this stupid tattoo?
by Frankie February 6, 2004
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The (usually) surreptitious action of savoring the pheremone laden evidence of digital exploration of that magical female orifice. Commonly discovered by young men driving home after a date involving second base. Enjoyable at any age. Often characterized as a game.
Frankie had himself a good game of stinkfinger all the way home from his date with new girlfriend.”
by Frankie February 5, 2004
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To ejaculate onto a woman's pubic hair following intercourse.
by Frankie July 30, 2004
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"Litany needs to shut the ---- up."

Most likely epitomized by Litany Webb, of Blogger infamy.
by Frankie February 26, 2005
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said when something funny was said or had occured. only cool people say it.
x: What's a bro?
y: lolerz
by Frankie December 2, 2003
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