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in italian it means "valuable"
my last name is valente, i am the valuable one!
by frank valente September 04, 2006

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when one takes a shit so hard that the piece of shit sticks to the toilet even after multiple flushes.
hey jack, save my seat will ya. i need to go and paint the porcelain.
by frank valente August 05, 2006

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when someone does very loud monkey noises from a moving vehicle to people waiting for buses at bus stops late at night and startling them.
last nite, my buddy and i went drive by monkeying, and we scared the shit out of this old woman waiting for a bus on a bench, it was fuckin hilarious!!!
by frank valente October 22, 2006

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when one performs the act of a footjob to a male (barefoot & dry) until male comes to completion. then when he ejaculates, use the sperm as a lubricant and proceed to continue giving a footjob until at least 3 or more seperate orgasms have been achieved.
i got an extreme footjob last night by jenny!
by frank valente October 19, 2006

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a nick name for a man with large breasts
check out jingle tits over there on the other side of the room.
by frank valente October 23, 2006

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another term for masturbation..... originally used for an online rpg game but took out of context and now used for this.
Jason - hey man what are you doing
Frank - dude im training my ninjas
Jason - thats disgusting!
by frank valente January 06, 2007

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to have dry anal sex until the blood acts as a lubricant, then continue the act of anal sex until completion.
yeah i gave mary the ol' funnelcake last night.
by frank valente August 01, 2006

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