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noun: a set of moves or style of moving, similar to, or characteristic of, marcus bachmann.


noun: a biography of a closeted gay person, especially one given to flamboyant expression
michele bachmann's migraines are usually intensifed by the impending outburst of a flurry of fairyography.

this fairyography of roy cohn leaves little room for doubt.
by flombaye July 27, 2011
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an overused or inherently extraneous propaganda sound bite. a talking point. a word or phrase characterized by simultaneous emergence by various talking heads, none of whom seem to have arrived at it independently.
"the chantorum about the need for a SOPA law to stop the internet sounds particularly frothy in viacom's end."
by flombaye December 28, 2011
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a very severe or complex compound crisis.

a crisis contining at least two major problems.

especially, a problem that conflates a natural disaster with a disaster caused by human hostility, attrition, or negligence.
a 40 kilometer radius is recommended to avoid contamination from the sendai tsunobyl situation.
by flombaye March 18, 2011
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(v) publish information directly to the interweb.

the noun denoting process or status of such an action, would be "weblicization".

"weblication" could also be used in like fashion, and "a weblication" could also refer to specific text, images, or other materials which are "weblicated"/"weblicized"/"weblished".
johannes gutenberg could have gotten the bible to reach even more people, if he had skipped the printing press and the police academy movies, and just weblicized one copy of it all at once.
by flombaye April 10, 2011
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noun: one who actively avoids assimilation or usage of available information.

adjective: characterized by obvious avoidance of available information.
michele bachmann takes distinct pride in being a practicing antillectual.

it is precisely because dan quayle is more aware than alan keyes, that his professed beliefs reveal a more antillectual attempt at issuing propaganda.
by flombaye March 21, 2011
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NOUN: a social network derived by modification of THE WELL, or public bulletin board methods, that has adopted destructive, counterproductive, or antisocial policies, which have neutralized or negated the usefulness of said social network.

a social network which has imploded or "jumped the shark".

a social network with exploitive or dishonest administrative practices.

VERB: to inflict or convey dishonest or otherwise dysfunctional social network policies or practices.

to participate in dysfunctionally administered online bulletin boards or forums.
"can you believe how many mafia farm notifications i got on felchbook today ?"
by flombaye August 19, 2011
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(noun) conspiratorial or rhetorical advocacy for constructs, policies, limitations, or other obstructive tactics or maneuvers against exercise of basic human or civil rights. - advocacy of encumbrance upon civil liberties or individuality.

(verb) speak / write / advocate tactics and/or policies to encumber/limit/eliminate basic human/civil rights and liberties.
sometimes, he would talibanter about where and when to plant the violence provocateurs.
by flombaye April 24, 2011
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