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Another name for Urban Dictionary, since all the gun faggots and nerds who want to boost their E-cred by looking smart and began posting technical definitions on a slang website. Because we definetly would rather get our info here.

Named for those who think this is Wikipedia
Welcome to Urban-Wiki-Dictionary. How about instead of learning about Earth from an actual source, you look it up here, and one of our Resident Experts (Code for faggot) will give you information that's probably untrue.
by fgsfdsMASTER October 09, 2009
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A gay emo band in which it's fans insist that they are not emo, but the band members where eyeliner, dress-up in all black, cry about stuff in their music, and typically (but not always) has one or more bisexual members. Definition of an emo band.
Some good examples of eyeliner bands:

30 Seconds to Mars
Fall Out Boy
Bullet for my Valentine

Pretty much all the bands that emo teenagers like.
by fgsfdsMASTER September 22, 2009
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Your typical faggot on Urban Dictionary. Essentially posts pointless definitions to get attention or look cool.

Some definitions from UD Losers include:

1. Defs about peoples names. Todays top scientists haven't found a reason for these defs yet other than people tryin to increase their e-popularity because nobody in real life likes them.

2. Fantards. They post defs on UD about games/bands because it is a form of masturbation for them. They literally get off on talking about how great their favorite game/band is. Pathetic.

3. sOOp4h 1337 gan6st4 sh11tZ. IRL losers pretending to be gangstas online and post defs saying that every single word in the english language is drug/sex/violence related. This is all despite the fact that they have never tried drugs, have had sex with anyone besides themselves, or even picked up a real fire arm.

4. Nerds. Mostly populate the UD chat rooms because nobody in real life cares about what they have to say. Will criticize your spelling and grammar because that sort of thing is serious shit on the internet. You don't fuck around with it. Basically, remind them that they have no friends and they'll back off.

5. Little kids. Children who have found this site, usually on accident because most kids are too stupid to use a computer and pretend to be adults, but are clearly identifiable as someone young enough to be breast fed. Since they are young, they are highly susceptible to influence. Exploit at will.

6. Trolls. One who takes advantage of internet and UD losers for entertainment. Simply don't be a loser (A challenge for most UD users) and you'll stay out of their sites.
Typical UD losers

1. OMG, the name JAMES, it like SUPER COOL because I SAID SO. OMG!!!!! did u c that guy, hes SUCH A JAMES111

2. lik, halo 3 is SUCH THE FUCKING SHIT, i play it all day long and im a 50. i got lik 1000 other xbl accounts wit 50s on them tooo. this game is awesome beyond all believe. halo 3 is better than sex. im stiil a virgin, but i can garuntee u it is!!! holy shit, i just came.

3. A light bulb is when you get head from a hoe, smoke some sick ass weed, and bust a nigga wit a cap.
(In the background)

"What mom?"


"im on the computer."


"but im not hungry!"


Non-nerd: ya man, at least i got a car 4 now. its a peic of shit, but it runs

Nerd: Excuse me sir, but you have to seriously examine your spelling and grammatical errors.

Non-Nerd: y dont u go outside and mak som friends?

StarTrekRocks117 has signed off

5. Kid: im clearly an adult. ive had many sex!

Adult: bro, everybody cusses at ther parents, u should try it!

Kid: Ok.

6. Def: Jimi Hendrix
The shitties guitarist I have ever seen. I know retards with AIDS who play better than him.
(The Troll laughs his ass off as losers who believe he's actually being serious about thinking Jimi Hendrix is a bad guitarist attempt to make witty comebacks. They all fail.)
by fgsfdsMASTER July 19, 2009
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A hilarious TV show which shows kids with special needs trying to create music. It's seriously the funniest thing on TV.

Cassidy "Can't spell my first name" Pope
Michael "Think my name is Jersey" Moriarty
Mike Genitals
Alex Lipshawed off
Elliot "Has a Pussy" James
Dummy Nolan

Basically, they try to imitate their favorite band Paramore with hilarious results! They're so bad at it, you have to laugh hysterically!
Jim: Look everybody! "Hey Monday" is on!

Lisa: Really! Oh, AHAHAHAHAHAHA! This show is so funny!

Richard: I know, I love watching retarded kids try to make music! I just kills me!
by fgsfdsMASTER June 28, 2009
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A singer all the retarded kids in special ed like. Really isn't funny and wries parodies because he's too fucking stupid to write his own music.

Just the fact that many people her consider him the greatest singer of all time is proof enough that his fans are stupid and have no idea what good music is. Once they here legends like Brad Nowells, Matt Bellamy, Stephen Christian, and Bruce Dickinson, they'll know how shitty Weird Al is.

In fact 99.99% of Weird Al fans don't have any ide who any of those singers are. the other .01% just died from AIDS related illness.
Retard 1: z000m6 guyzzz, les lisun to WEERd a1!!

Retard 2: ya4a4a4a! w00tz w00tz wo0tz!

Retard 3: wIv1n iN a Ameesh pawadyse!! 1333337, i wAN BE AMisH NAO!

(The Special Ed teacher can be seen in the background, dead from alcohol poisoning. Next to her are 50 bottles of strong liquor which she drank out of despair.)

Weird Al. Taking the lives of Special Ed teachers daily.
by fgsfdsMASTER May 30, 2009
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The most faggot name ever.
Brandon Flowers is such a gay-ass name that he had to make a band with an equally retarded name called "the Killers" because they're so super creative and original when it comes to names, such as Brandon Flowers.
by fgsfdsMASTER February 18, 2009
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USUALLY a huge fag who thinks he is super hxc because he hates religion.
More than likely, all his friends, if he has any that is, thinks he is an idiot
or some kind of retard.

Some qualities an anti theist PROBABLY has:
1. An anarchist
2. Bases his beliefs off of George Carlin's comedy act without realizing that
there is a reason it is called a COMEDY act
3. Has never had a girlfriend
4. Thinks other people don't like him because they are "bl1nd3d bby teH g0dzz
anDD arnt sm4rt enuff 2 c passt 1t. lulz, d1d u no tha '1t' rhyme5 wit 'tit'.
megalulz, ima masturbate now."
5. Listens to music he heard off of Guitar Hero, because none of his friends want to share their musical taste with him. If he knew some of the bands from Guitar Hero believed in God, he would immediately piss himself and go fap his anger off.
6. Will be living with his parents for a loooong time.

Anti-theists should not be confused with an atheist. An atheist is someone who
simply doesn't believe in a God while an anti-theist is retarded and has no
Regular person: I'm going to church on Sunday, want to come?

Atheist: No thanks, I'm not really into that sort of thing.

Regular Person: Oh, that's cool. I'll see you at work tomorrow.

Anti-theist who overheard their conversation: Faggot, you are blinded by your God and you will suffer from a lack of your false promises! I will enjoy seeing you depressed from having no result in following your false faith!

Regular person: Ahh, fuck, he's not coming into work tomorrow, is he?

Atheist: No, he doesn't have a job. But hey, what more can you expect from an
anti theist?

(The 2 friends walk away, laughing at the anti-theist and his retardedness. The
anti-theist begins to jack off.)
by fgsfdsMASTER February 24, 2009
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