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1. Brother 2. Good friend.
Don't dis. That dude's my broha.
by evil adam May 28, 2004

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To have one's balls in a vice-grip. To beshackled by an unpleasant task preventing fun times that were previously planned.
I'm all up in a grip here. My boss just gave me the Lumberg. Gotta come in on Saturday. No Vegas for me.
by evil adam June 10, 2009

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(n.) The center position on a three cushion couch typically occupied by a neophyte pot smoker who by virtue of his location is offered two tokes off a joint or a pipe for every one of his compatriots. Since the "guru" is usually too inexperienced to refuse a hit, he gets much more stoned than his friends resulting in endless fun at the "guru's" expense.
Friend 1: You're in the guru seat, so you gotta take a hit every time the joint comes your way.

Guru: Cool. You guys are awesome.

Friend 2: No, man. You're awesome. Now take another hit, bitch. Guru seat rules apply.
by evil adam May 15, 2009

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A term referring to anything or anyone with flamboyantly gay qualities. It evolved organically from our propensity of ridiculing general gay or weak behavior amongst our friends. Not too sure why the high stakes tag was added, but it works. Use this phrase at your own peril as it will quickly dominate your lexicon. Usually shortened to just "high stakes" when used as an adjective.
"Oh, Jesus. Look at that dude just swishin' around. Makes Elton John look straight."

"Yeah, there is some serious high stakes gayery happenin' over there."

gayery gayness lameness lamery faggotry
by evil adam April 05, 2009

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The excitement and anticipation one has before their first trip to Las Vegas.
Dude, I haven't been able to sleep for days thinking about all the shit we'll do in Vegas. We'll be up five hundy in the first half hour at the craps tables, and then we'll blow it all at the Rhino. My Vegasipation is fuckin' off the charts!
by Evil Adam August 20, 2009

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Wasted. Fucked up.
Dude, last night I drank hella brew and got totally fizzed. Then I pissed in the sink.
by evil adam May 28, 2004

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condition when one suddenly forgets a frequently used online password
Tried to sign onto facebook using my dog's name, my birthday, and my favorite song, but looks like no status updates today. I got Password Alzheimers.
by evil adam December 26, 2010

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