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When you slap someone as hard as you can, but your hand has to be cupped and your thumb pressed flush along your index finger. The point of impact should be along the muscle of your palm just below your thumb.
That bitch didn't have my money so i molywhoped his ass in the face.
by Estevan May 08, 2006

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Ebonics for a flaming homosexual.
Joe is a sweet sweet.
by Estevan May 08, 2006

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"You're an ass hole" (Demetri Martin)
You're an asshole for looking up the word dictionary within a dictionary.
by estevan August 13, 2007

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A computer virus which is designed to render ineffective the spell-check tool on Microsoft Word.
Professor: I took a look at that rough draft you emailed me for your term paper. How can i say this? You sound fucking retarded. Everything was misspelled.

Student: God Dammit i thought i got rid of that Boifedot infecting my computer.

Professor: Oh...well in that case i completely understand and fully sympathize...you still really suck at grammar and spelling.
by Estevan September 28, 2009

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To do things in such a way that causes people around you to become heartbroken and hopeless.
Welcome to AA (Aortascx Anonymous) today we will be making a list of things we did to fuck people over...
by Estevan September 28, 2009

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A not uncommon disorder manifesting general olfactory failure. (You can't smell if you have this disorder)
OMG I think your house is on fire.

How can you tell?

You mean to tell me you can't smell the smoke?

I'm deeft you insensitive bastard.

Oh i apologize.

As you should asshole.
by Estevan September 28, 2009

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A long-necked mythological creature which exhibits rapist tendencies; generally hard to spot due to the fact that it wears mirrored sunglasses.
OMG what the hell is that???

I think it might be a giraffe.

That's cool it's wearing aviator glasses.

Awesome. It's coming this way.

by Estevan October 12, 2009

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