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The worlds most sexy and beautiful car man kind has ever crafted.
Man check out that IP.II.IMI.IP in dat contour!
by esteban March 16, 2005
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Fat upper Pussy Area
More specifically under the pants region, On a women who pulls up her pants so high there is a pouch under her pants between the belt and the crouch.
My teachers FUPA is so big, I can't help but stare.
by esteban May 24, 2003
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Greatest interjection made ever, created by R. Taylor to replace two words Aww and Fuck. Hence Auf. Can be used just about anywhere and does not have to be used just as aww and fuck. Duck noises should be used after.
Auf, I almost hit a Deer, i did hit the deer, Auf!


That Aufin coach.. Show him, i got the deer hair and everything

-R. Taylor
by esteban November 28, 2004
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beast of burden... best ballad by the stones...

despite other belief(that crappy definition above or below it) a beast of burden is someone who hangs around and screws everything up for their courter..(bf/gf)

someone who really messes everything up

a magic the gathering card that stats ar e phenominal
"ill never be your beast of burden, my back is broad but its a hurtin, all i want you to do is make love to me"
by esteban January 1, 2005
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Born in 57 BBY (before the battle of Yavin) he speaks with a Coruscanti accent. In his early years of being a jedi (actually Padawan or Youngling if you prefer) he was trained by Yoda and due to unforseen circumstances he was switched to Qui-Gonn Jinn. (in fact a much more powerful jedi than obi wan)
Due to Obi Wans high leadership in the Jedi Council, and the other fact that discovered a clone army that the Kaminoans are building for the Republic, He was quickly made a general in just that. He was made a war hero as he went on to becoming one of the greatest Jedi Nights the council has ever seen.
Unfortunately he raises Anakin Skywalker as a Padawan.... and well you know
Kenobi rescues his former apprentices son Luke Skywalker. He sacrifices himself to save Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Luke.
Obi Wan uses the power he learns from Qui Gonn to come back and project himself as a hologram using the force, and still mentors Luke.
Obi Wan uses Soresu to deflect the enemies' firepower upon him!!!!- esteban

holy crap you are such a nerd - john
by esteban June 7, 2005
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When two men ingage in anal sex and one man kicks like a donkey while the other bites off his ass hair.
oh a sweet smiling donkey
by esteban October 16, 2003
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