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Eso is Greek, and refers to the Esoteric dimensions of Man existing simultaneously with the physical structure of Man. Specifically, Esoteric = MIND and Spiritual dimensions.

Eso is used as a prefix to other words to cause those words to suggest non-physical parts of Man.
The Esoteric dimensions of Man cannot be perceived by ones brain or physical senses. Esochology is the study of the Eso
by esodoc May 17, 2010
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"Direct Esoteric Communication DEC" refers to communication at and between vibrational energy levels which ones brain cannot perceive, i.e., Esoteric levels: The MIND realm and the Spiritual realm. From the concept that Man consists of three simultaneously existing vibrational energy dimensions: The Spiritual dimension; The MIND dimension; And the physical dimension.
An example of "Direct Esoteric Communication DEC" is the subtle communication between a mother and her child. This communication involves the faculty of intuition, which is part of ones Spiritual dimension. Another example is the subtle and healing communication between a competent psychotherapist and his/her client/patient that utilizes what I refer to as "Empathetic Understanding" (one of several "virtues" the human being can obtain via completing Karma over many lifetimes).
by esodoc March 22, 2010
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Intellectualism + lack of CDKA&EU = Intelack. CDKA&EU Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding or the Virtues we Souls are accumulating by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes.

Adjective; A person who is confined to intellectualism, and possessing little or no access to Intuition, the only means of experiencing ones emotionality and CDKA&EU.
The person who believes life is unfair, unjust, and that wealthy people need to have their wealth taken and distributed to the poor, is an "Intelack" individual.

The person who believes that killing millions of people is OK, just as long as an Utopian dream is pursued, is an "Intelack" individual.
The individual whose Soul is perched on the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life is an "Intelack" individual.
by esodoc March 30, 2011
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The term "intuition" refers to an Esoteric process which involves ones "Spiritual faculty of intuition" and stored Knowledge. Intuition is a faculty of ones "Apapsyche" (Operational Energy of ones Soul). In order to intuit Knowledge, ones "Attn Aspect" of Apapsyche must be in ones Apapsyche and not in ones brain. The process of intuition is a normal, natural and not well developed faculty of most Westerners because this process is Esoteric in nature. That is, takes place other than in ones brain and thinking.
An example of intuition would be one is "daydreaming" and suddenly one receives a bit of Knowledge that allows one to perceive some aspect of the world in a different and more correct way. But as soon as one attempts to "think" about ones intuition, the intuition seems to dissolve.
by esodoc August 18, 2009
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Eso (Esoteric) plus (chology = Greek for study), Esochology is the study of the Esoteric dimensions of Man from within those Esoteric dimensions themselves via intuition and DEC Direct Esoteric Communication. Understood by either those who have completed a course of psychotherapy or natural psychics.

Esochology is a new alternative to the oxymoron "behavioral psychology".
When one receives an Ah-Ha via ones intuition, or a bit of Knowledge comes to one, one has just experienced DEC, and has tapped ones own store of Knowledge via ones faculty of intuition, and this is applied Esochology. Esochology is based on a well-developed faculty of intuition which is perfectly normal, but we in the West are taught to both deny and fear our intuition.
by esodoc August 18, 2009
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Esochology is the study and practice of the Esoteric dimensions of the Whole Human Being. Esoteric means limited to a small group of individuals, it also refers to use of one's faculty of Intuition.
Esochology is most useful in helping a person discover the unknown reason he or she keeps doing something he or she does not want to do.
by esodoc August 18, 2023
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When one suddenly awakens from within oneself to a new bit of truth...that one somehow knows is true.
I was listening to what the teacher was saying when, I suddenly awakened to a bit of Truth, like an "innerflash"... that made a new connection for me... and I suddenly knew some things I did not know I knew!
by esodoc April 16, 2022
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