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Apapsyche: Apas (Sanskrit for work or working) and psyche (Greek for Self, Soul and Mind, the Esoteric realms of Man). Apapsyche (Operational Energy of ones Soul). Apapsyche stands for that which allows one to perceive and experience. The "I" of Rene Descartes, which perceived his thinking.
When one has a sense of oneself being somehow separate from what one is saying or doing, ones attention is experiencing itself being in ones Apapsyche and momentarily separate from ones brain and thinking or ones body and doing.

What allowed Rene Descartes to "think" was his Apapsyche. What allows one to "chose" not to do somehting in spite of one wanting to do something, is ones Apapsyche providing one access to ones Conscience.
by docjp August 18, 2009
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