28 definition by erock

synonym for the act of taking a shit.
I'll be back in 5, I've got to jam a grumpy.
by Erock April 19, 2004

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when you get your weener stuck in your zipper
ahhh my weener is in my zipper
by EROCK February 02, 2003

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-The act of losing an erection, with a girl with a ginormous ass.

Come on Lemming I didn't order soft serve!
by Erock November 12, 2004

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1. a bum
2. a sweet ass, the one where once you see it you get this uncontrollable urge to go jump on it and ride it like a tricycle
Nani: "Alright bro, that sloot has a great bumtank."
Erock: "Affirmative"
by erock March 22, 2004

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a girls "magic box"
Nani: "dude...you should hit up that girl....she has some nice tattyfats and bumtank..."
Erock: "Yeah...and i've heard she has a tight ginebox"
by erock March 22, 2004

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brown, hairy boy who likes the casino occasionaly shaves his ass for the ladies. Refuses to smoke marijuana due to asthma in his uterus. Fantasy Buffalo Bills with worst pick in the draft.
"Damn i just lost 200 dollars in the fantasy basketball playoffs after being first all year. Im going to shave my ass and enjoy it. I got randy johnson 2nd round with wagner in the 4th ." - Steve

"You're such a bajaji, steve" - Dave
by erock March 12, 2004

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Whore. Basically a woman whose only purpose is to provide a sexual opening for exercise (sweating).
Bitch can't form a sentence or cook a decent meal; 'bout all she's good for is a sweatbitch.

Yo sweatbitch, git me a beer.
by Erock April 14, 2004

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