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a player of a less than desireable connection is present.the other players are ussually courteous of this misfortune and inform the player of his condition and ask him to please find another server.

wtf man your warping like star trek....lagbot.

gtfo nub...fuckn lagbot
by enZ December 28, 2004

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meaning a moment of utter ownage and total domination of ones online virtual self.
by enZ December 28, 2004

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your online enemy is not of the same level as your esauce.

see pajazzled for more info.
napoleownt..gtgnubggthokk gg
by enZ December 28, 2004

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Your uberleetsauce is superior to their wannabesauce. Appropriate mostly when your opponent is pwning you hard at HH with heavies. :( for you. This word will strike the laugh nerve of any leetbeing.

Remember kids When being pajazzled
keep to yourself and try to maintain some type of dignity when you leave with a red ass.
nubbie: omfgee joohaxmeh, i seen you........BANNED
enZ quit
by enZ January 19, 2005

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giving an online opponent the fun of actually saying lol at them with the correct pronunciation of lol. Giving them even more reason to call you a faggit nub biotch.
lawl......you nubzor..lawl
by enZ December 28, 2004

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the word booned can be traced all the back to the father of them all...noob. The word noob itself got noob and if you called someone noob you then in return were a noob or a nub depending if you were in ce or pc. after the explosion of the word nub epeeps got sick of it again and resorted to boon. noob backwards.now if someone pulls out the frg/sw/spawn camped...
campsauce: 0mgee booned...
enZ: joo r teh booned???//slash
by enZ January 24, 2005

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