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A faux (fake) celebrity. A person who is famous for no valid reason.
LC from The Hills is such a fauxlebrity! Why do we care who she is fighthing with or why?

Why is Paris Hilton so famous?! She is such a fauxlebrity!

by Funny Fish September 13, 2007
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faux or false celebrity. Someone who is a celebrity but has done nothing of import to earn this status. Often a reality TV participant.
Despite her attempt to stay in the news by going public with her recent plastic surgery exploits, Heidi Pratt is still nothing but a fauxlebrity.
by lavendercomet March 24, 2010
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A person who is famous for being famous and not for any thing the do or have done. These people are generally related to famous people either by marriage or are their children. They are also famous for being in the news for something that is abnormal like giving birth to 8 kids for example or for saying "don't taze me bro" on you tube. These people are bottom feeders and have no redeeming social value.
Paris Hilton is such a faux-lebrity. I wish the faux-lebrity octomom would drop off the face of the earth. I saw the faux-lebrity kids of Ozzy Ozbourne on Punked today.
by eggjones1 August 26, 2009
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