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a girl that is responsible for a lotta blueballs. either a lot of times with the same person or a lotta dudes trading stories can figure out she has a knack for turning you way on an not finishing you off...
playboy: last night that girl from next door came over and gave me a bj...and midway thru she started saying it was wrong and she couldnt do it and started cryin and she ran out of the room and left me with a boner the size of africa. madagascar inclusive. i think she wants a commitment

jamie fuxx: no what i think is she probably has producer credit in smurf porn
by ed the Word September 14, 2009

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a losers alibi that no means yes. usually reserved for guys who also say rape is when a woman changes her mind later. same dudes that say they like it when a chick puts up a fight and consider outright rejection 'a fight'
douche: so can i have your number?

hot chick: nah, i dont think thats a good idea

douche: so you wanna call me instead?

hot chick: wtf? of course not! why would you even think that? what do i have to tell you for you to understand that we dont work???

douche: well you had me at hell no
by ed the Word September 11, 2009

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the internet. a computer generated fake reality where even faker people live the fakest lives. inhabitants rarely exercise and although are extroverts 'online' are usually antisocial and have few friends in the real world. they live in blogs instead of blocks, watch youtube instead of real television, have twitter followers instead of friends, hang out on facebook instead of sports bars, make phone calls with skype instead of vodafone and em, change how they look with photoshop instead of plastic surgery and steal music and movies instead of money...smh
that guy spent so much time in the matrix he started to poke people in real life to get their attention and even once tried to photoshop a zit before he went out.
by ed the Word September 14, 2009

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classification of a situation that is unpleasant. to say something is so bad there isn't anything vaguely good about it. a cloud with no silver lining.
edWord: for real though, he got herpes from that girl. messed up thing is he didnt even sleep with her...they were just spooning...

davis: ohhh man...that sucks dick and it doesnt even swallow!
by ed the Word September 15, 2009

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to do a bougie girl in the ass. a girl who thinks she's all that in terms of status and fashion taking one up the shitter...
kinda like one the girls from the sex in the city movie
maxwell met this crazy girl at the pool...she had an accent as genuine as a 3 dollar bill. so he followed her home last night and he came back smelling like ass. i asked what that was about and he yelled "SEX IN THE SHITTY BRO!
by ed the Word September 22, 2009

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an excessive, over the top amount of 'street credibility'. the point where one goes from being a gangsta to damn near the hulk in these streets. to be unbelievably hardcore
dude: yo! that edWord hyde dude up the road is a beast! he ripped off his vest and started beating on his chest and the other guy shat his pants!

duder: that guys street incredibility is on!
by ed the Word September 10, 2009

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a term used by football (soccer not NFL) players for halving your age so your career can last longer. a practice developed after they had to play for a decade before being discovered by talent scouts at which point they only had a few years left in them. they would then say 'i'm 20' when they were almost 40 and a half. smh. your age as should be known by the public. not necessarily on your birth certificate.
ed: that striker looks my dads age but he said he's 24!

word: yeah thats probably just his football age...
by ed the Word September 11, 2009

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