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meaning 1: that is true. Replaces "word" or "word up" in urban slang.
meaning 2: how a Milwaukeean says "threw that."
meaning 3: an instruction given to a bike repairman concerning an out-of-alignment wheel.
1: ike: man, something smells bad in here!
mike: true dat! but he who smelled it ,dealt it.
2: Dat pile of trash? I true dat in da garbage yesterday, hey.
3: pat:my bike wheel is a little bent!
matt: yeah, we can true dat. it'll roll straight as an arrow.
by earpuller September 20, 2005

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noun: another way of saying ebonics, ot the language of illiterate street scum who "keep it real." Niglish is often heard on "Judge Joe Brown," and parodied on "Chapelle's Show."
Niglish is also the favorite language of trailer trash whiteys and other wigger wannabes.
ike: hey spike, whattya like?
mike: what's goin on man? why're you dressed like fiddy-thent?
spike: whatup, dawgs, i's jes keepin' it real, fo shizzle. later me and mah homies gonna do somfin ghetto, aight?
ike: what the fuck did he say?
mike: i dunno, but sounds like niglish to me. Funny thing is, he graduated 1st in his class at prep school
by earpuller September 15, 2005

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noun, a schrute is an annoying co-worker, one who specifically attaches himself to you, decides that you're best buddies, and procedes to make your work life unbearable. derived from Rainn Wilson's character Dwight Schrute from NBC's "The Office."
Sorry, I'd have had this report done sooner, but this schrute kept interrupting me with inane questions. that's why it took me three hours to finish a project that should have taken a half-hour.
by earpuller December 30, 2005

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an amusing acronym disguised as a silly word. Dilligas stands for "do I look like I give a shit?" You can say it to your parents, your kid sister, your maiden aunt, really anyone who is annoying you, but whom you do not want to anger.
eddie: So anyway, as I was saying, to make a long story short, in other words, as God as my witness, between you, me, and the fencepost..................
freddie: hey man, dilligas?
eddie: what's that supposed to mean?
freddie: do i look like I give a shit?
eddie walks away angrily, muttering to himself.
freddie smiles, thanking his good fortune at discovering UD.
by earpuller March 08, 2006

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an acronym for the standard employee pool-
We're All Lazy Motherfuckers And Retired Truckers
We're All, Like, Minorities, Asians, Redneck Trash
Where A Luckless Moron Acquires Revolting Things
(maybe that's one def too many.)
.........rising from the site of the abandoned chemical plant, near the creek that has no life in it, a brand-spanking-new Walmart is soon to open in your area. Doesn't matter where you live, anywhere in the world-if Dubya doesn't get you, or his replacement (Dan Quayle, anyone?), Walmart will be there soon. Run away, but you will never escape................WALMART!!!!!!
by earpuller September 17, 2005

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verb-to be told off or schooled by an older woman; usually she's right, of course. Similar to this is judge joe brown, which is getting told off or schooled by an older man.

noun-to act like the TV judge; scolding, cranky, judgemental (I know judges should be judgemental, but she takes it too far). There is currently no noun form for judge joe brown, due to his less annoying style of juris prudence.
tommy: hey asshole! get off that car or you'll be judge judy'd by the principal!
timmy: hey asshole too! our principal is a dude!
tommy: in that case you'll get judge joe browned!!
tammy: hey assholes! why don't you both get the hell out of here? i'm sick of seeing you losers just hanging around and making noise and......(long rant here)....................!!!!
tommy: what a bitch!
timmy: no, she's a judge judy!!
by earpuller September 26, 2005

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from the "Late Night with Conan O'Brian" show. Standard insult given by Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog. Used at the end of a sentence to change a comment/statement/compliment into an insult or put-down. Notice the context of the sentence examples to see how to use it (or decline to use it.)
good time to use it: Oh yes, I just bought your new CD, Ashlee, and it is the greatest thing in the world.....FOR ME TO POOP ON!
bad time to use it: Mom, can you make some Rice Krispies treats......FOR ME TO POOP ON? *gets smacked by Mom, then Dad, then by the rest of the family*
by earpuller October 10, 2005

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