4 definitions by durdew

Something Rachel Tice gave to every boy in the school in the popular Barbie Drama show, Most Popular Girl In School or MPGIS.
Rachel: "But I fucking gave every boy a blowjay"
Mackenzie: "That doesn't make you popular, it makes you a whore"
by durdew August 10, 2017
It's your friendly, neighborhood local gay!
Make sure you channel your inner gay when you see the local gay strutting around town.
Wow, Jimmy! Look at that local gay! They are a beaming ray of rainbow titties!
by durdew July 18, 2017
Someone who gives dick or some fucc to one person and one person only.
"Man, Logan only gives Laura his dick! I think Logan has Selective Dickism."
by durdew June 13, 2017
The Spook Hand


A hand that is very spooky.
Father: Wow son, look at your brother Jimmy's Spook Hand!
Son: Wow dad, that's a spooky hand!
by durdew August 10, 2017