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Dog's (or Donkey's)

Used as a euphemistic TLA
This new MSN7 really sucks BDC
by dom April 16, 2005
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"HOLY FUCK! I typed adlfkej into urban dictionary and it has a fucking meaning!"
by dom March 20, 2005
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another word for a woman's twat/pussy/minge/cunt/fuckhole/fanny/ orifice/vag/vagina/slit/etc...
by dom February 10, 2004
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An uncharacteristic error, usually made by the goalkeeper or defensive line whilst playing FIFA that generally leads to conceding a goal.
Guy 1: Check out this awesome backheel to my keeper...
Guy 2: Haa burrrn! Blunderbuss! Blunderbuss! You've got a one way ticket on the Blunder Bus.
Guy 2: Eat a dick.
by dom January 22, 2013
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anythang and everythang fo sho!
Boovenchuffy! meaning cool,in a good way, or damn!in a good or bad way
by dom November 14, 2003
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1.lord of the thundercats
2.a hot guy
1.tygra was in trouble but liono saved him
2.that bloke was a right liono
by dom February 03, 2004
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