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The myth surrounding having sex with a pregnant woman, in that the man's penis will come in contact with the fetus during intercourse. The possibility of such a horrid encounter is one of man's greatest turn-offs.
Damn, Daphne is literally glowing when she's pregnant and everything about her makes me want to have sex with her, but there's no chance in hell I risk getting a new daddy handshake.
by dmonet November 05, 2007
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a dare between males when one's sexual preference is in question. the challenge entails watching the film Brokeback Mountain, alone, naked, in the dark, and uttering the words "i dare you to move" to one's own penis. if by the end of the film, said penis has not moved, the challenge has been met.
steve: man, that guy's such a stud.

bill: oh yeah? i bet you'd touch your toes for him.

steve: nah, i can appreciate the studliness of a guy without being gay.

bill: i seriously doubt it and a twelver of pbr says you fail a brokeback challenge.

steve: oh dude you're so on!
by dmonet January 07, 2009
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the impact spending money has on one's ego.
kerry: i got a parking ticket last night and a cab would have been much easier. what a sixty-dollar punch to the wallet balls.

taylor: dude, dropping four hundo on new speakers took serious wallet balls. nice work.
by dmonet February 15, 2010
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a term used by insomniacs to describe that feeling when you've only slept a few hours in the past couple of nights, rendering you useless, as if someone has fucked you in the eyeballs and injected syrup into your brain.
Ian couldn't get jack shit accomplished this week after experiencing another Aunt Jemima Eye Poke over the weekend.
by dmonet September 14, 2008
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When people who don't smoke pot decide to stop hanging out with people who do smoke pot for the sole reason that pot is being smoked. The people being judged and avoided (often unfairly) are potcasted.
Damn, I can't believe that I've been potcasted from the Johnson's just because I smoked a fatty in their garage at the birthday party. Pfft.
by dmonet November 04, 2007
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(v) to be cummed on my a mexican. occasionally confused by middle-aged housewives for a Dirty Sanchez.
holy cow, i just asked for huevos grande at the diner and the next thing i know i'm under the counter on the catch it side of a Sticky Juarez. i didn't even have to pay for it.
by dmonet January 07, 2009
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