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It simply means when a man is horny or ''hard''. A ''soldier'' is a man's penis. When the soldier doesn't salute no more, that means the blood doesn't flow to the penis quick enough to make a man ''hard''. This is the reason some males use Viagra, Cialis or one of those ''enhancers''.
1.What's wrong, your soldier don't salute no more?

2.Baby, can your soldier salute for me?
by dj32089 September 18, 2008
To Roast or Flame; make fun of a friend or foe in an attempt to embarrass them alone or in front of a group of people (Miami slang)
"Look at that ugly ass black nigga, thinkin' he coo and shit."
"Man, why you tryna shine?"
by dj32089 December 10, 2012
to roast or try in order to be funny.
Why you rankin?
by dj32089 September 18, 2008
An emonicon for when one eye is swollen; probable from being hit and expressing it to your computer friends.
Ouch 0_-
by dj32089 April 17, 2009
It is used to disguise inaccuracies and mistakes, and – due to its increasing use in modern music – has allowed many artists to produce more precisely tuned recordings. While Auto-Tune is only one out of many commercial pitch correction packages, auto-tune is frequently used in the media as a blanket term to describe any audio processing with a similar effect, perhaps because it was the first product allowing pitch correction in real time.
In the hit single lollipop, Lil Wayne used auto tune.
by dj32089 September 18, 2008
Breasts on a female starting at a high C cup and going up; really huge boobs
God, did you see her vodka knockers?
by dj32089 September 18, 2008
It simply stands for Lying through your ass. This acronym is use when people in a chat environment are consistentley lying and you know it.
Hey, stop ltya man, that's not what you said before.
by dj32089 September 18, 2008