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When making plans with a group, if one person bails, so will multiple others.
We were going to go to brunch until Dan had to go into the city instead. After that John started "feeling sick" and Isabel "had to work", and the whole thing fell apart. It was a serious case of cascading bailure.
by dip January 12, 2016
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When a woman is giving a man head and he proceeds to ejaculate in one of her eyes, punches her in the other eye, and runs away with her purse.
Whenever I want to end a relationship, or I'm low on cash I just pull a Crazy Monkey/Black Thundercloud and it solves all my problems.
by dip November 23, 2008
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The Brother of all fuck-ups.
Soap: Oh you assume do ya? And what do they say about assumption being the
brother of all fuck-ups?
Tom: It's the mother of all fuck-ups, stupid...
by dip June 28, 2004
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Medium salsa mixed with grated cheese. Eaten with chips preferable tostito's. Enjoyed and invented by the dips.
I went over dips house yesterday and had some salsa ish
by dip June 27, 2004
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a person who is acting odd/weird. This was created by Henry Fair
seb is an odd donny
by dip August 18, 2018
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WHen some one is being a annoying and is incredibly pissy you say whoa get the boner out of your eye!
Oh my god, i got a B+ on my test i;m so upset!
Dude, get the boner out of your eye!
by dip December 09, 2004
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