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Created cerca 1995 by Professor Anton Greaton as a means to "berserk" people, this little gem means just what it seems: mouth to testicle contact request.
Pardon me miss, but if I drop my shorts, would you please, gobble gonads?
by Dicktionary March 23, 2005

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An exclamation used in response to seeing or hearing someone else being made fun of, or seeing someone fall down or make a fool of themselves somehow. Forcefully exclaiming "Deyaaa!" in a very high-pitched voice adds to the humiliation of whomever is being made fun of. The more a's added to the end of the word, the more intense the insult/crack/dis or humilation was. If you are ever being made fun of and are unfortunate enough to hear "Deyaaa", it will feel like it is piercing your soul.
Jerome: "I heard his daddy gots dickdo disease... His stomach hang out futher than his dick do."

Jermaine: "Deyaaaaa!"
by dicktionary October 13, 2003

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a very small penis
He'll never get laid with his small fid.
by DICKtionary March 19, 2004

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