121 definitions by derek

a cop riding a motor cycle
there gos a po cycle
by derek March 25, 2005
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usually good strains of weed grown to produce a high level of THC, while also producing high yeild. Contradictory to what previous definitions stated, at least where I live, It is common to find chronic laced with cocaine. Of course, is doesn't have to be laced with coc to be chronic.
"hey, can you hook it up with a quarter of chron man?, hell yeah, 110"
by derek November 18, 2003
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if you need a negative adjective... this is your word
The bathroom is so fuc*in ebsco.
by Derek November 30, 2004
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Boston Red Sox DH and 2004 ALCS hero, David Ortiz.
"Man, Ortizzle killed the MFY's!"
by Derek December 29, 2004
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a penis that never stops dripping after you piss.
I hate it man, I have a trickler
by Derek December 05, 2003
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a penis that has poop all over it
I just fucked my girlfriend in her ass, and now I can't get the damn shit of my winky!
by derek January 02, 2003
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The fear of babies
Gene: Run for your life! A baby!
Phineas: What's your problem man? Do you have infantiphobia?
by Derek July 17, 2008
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