120 definition by derek

a word that has undefined characteristics, it is not a noun, verb, adjective, article, adverb, or preposition but can be used as any of them. It has no positive or negative connotation, but can be used to describe someone cool, or as a total fucking dumbass.
"Steve you fucking big top" or "Quit being such a big top, big top!"
by Derek October 25, 2004

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spirit lives in the smaller intestine of mr. slave, visited by lemmiwinks on his journey out of the gay man's ass.
gives lemmiwinks a helmet and torch
lemmiwinks, you are entering the smaller intestine, there you shall seek out the sparrow prince.
by derek April 08, 2003

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An African-American reindeer.
"Hurry it up with the big red slizzle, ma reindizzles!" said Saint Nizzle.
by Derek December 27, 2004

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The worst female cutdown known to man. A mixture of the word "Cunt" and the word "Twat".
You are such a Cuntwat!
by Derek December 16, 2004

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According to the Norse, Surtur was a Giant from the realm of Muspelheim.
Surtur comes from the realm of fire, Muspelheim.
by Derek April 04, 2004

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The act of poopstanding, or standing erect while pooping instead of sitting on a toilet. The poopstander stands with his anus aimed at the toilet and poops. Although a bit unorthadox, this has become very popular among young teenagers.
An example of a poopstander is Ryan Freeman who can often be found in the Fenwick boys bathroom standing up while pooping.
by Derek April 07, 2003

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a cop riding a motor cycle
there gos a po cycle
by derek March 25, 2005

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