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a living, breathing celebration of life. seems contented with what she has, and speculative of what she doesn't. knows a little bit of evrythng. would make a great rocket scientist, but is just too moody
I think you could be a sonam if you tried a little harder!
by ddd January 28, 2005

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1.one who expresse ming tendencys see ass ravenger
2. yao mings sex toy
yao ming proudly displayed his chi ming on a leash alothough its ass was quite loose
by ddd May 02, 2003

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A time when all men should proceed immediately to the bar
'Dude, that girls pmsing, get in the car quick!'

'Whatcha doin' here?'
'My wife is PMSing and...Oh shit take over I think that bitch is coming' *all men haul ass to nearest exit while PMSing women storms into room*
by DDD May 13, 2004

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it sucks ass, and god should end it
fuck life it sux an egg
by ddd December 23, 2004

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a penis made out of poo
they made love with his ponis and her yum yum
by ddd December 05, 2002

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that hot lady from the West Wing!
damn i would love to have sex with CJ!
by ddd December 23, 2004

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When you insualt someone greatly.
Jimmy: whao, where did you came from jon?
Jon: My mom's Vigina!
A little freak following us (kylr nott): OHH-you just got told.
by ddd November 20, 2003

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