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insupportable moral superiority
don't preach to me from your ivory trailer woman(freckles)
by dave namegah January 04, 2009

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heroic homosexual
i couldnt do anything with my hair until eric my hairdresser came like a knight in shining lycra and made me beautiful
by dave namegah February 02, 2009

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this is the less extreme version of the Aunt Jemima gesture commonly made by some negro women and gay men meaning "don't go there girlfriend uhuh".
The gesture is made by placing one hand on the hip and using the other hand to waggle a forefinger in someones face, whilst concurrently swivelling your neck in the ancient egyptian style.
Damn woman don't you gop giving me no HALF JEMIMA, you aint my mama.
by dave namegah March 23, 2011

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The gesture used by some negro women and gay men meaning "im outta here"

To do an AUNT JEMIMA one places a fist on one hip whilst sweeping the other hand in a wide arc before snapping ur fingers in the persons face. Accompanied by an ancient egyptian neck swivel and meaningful stare.
Damn woman I just chatted to those girls at the bar to be polite dont you go giving me the AUNT JEMIMA.
by dave namegah March 23, 2011

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snot bubble
i sneezed and a large fenris appeared on my nostril
by dave namegah August 29, 2009

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the business section of a vagina
any man can tell you how confusing a womans genital layout can get.
the vagina consists of all kinds red herrings , flaps that lead nowhere , folds of skin that reveal nothing and even the mythical "clitoris"
vaginahole is the only useful part of the whole vagina
"goddam that vaginahole was loose. you need a vaginahole retread baby!"
by dave namegah August 28, 2008

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the flaps and gristle that hang out of a vagina post coitus.
used in context as follows
" i really fucked the gizzlar out of my wife last night"
"i gave it to her so hard it took 2 days for that gizzlar to retract"
by dave namegah August 27, 2008

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