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To spange (ask for spare change) from a stranger on the fly. As opposed to flying a sign, another form of spanging crack spange insinuates that it is being done spontaneous. Often done in the case of needing money for something immediately.
"I am ten cents short for a bottle of snake piss so Im gonna go crack spange on the way to the LQ.
by dave m w April 10, 2011

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1. a derrogatory term for a homosexual male

2. one who steals turds from toilets, possibly for consumption

3. one who gets their jollies from going into public places (like restaraunts and stores) and takeing a crap on the floor when no ones looking and leaving it there

4. one who hides in the bottom section of a portable toilet to watch people go to that bathroom
1. man, what a turd burgler, I bet he craps condoms

2. I left a floater to see in hopes of catching the turd burgler

3. Well, the turd burgler struck again, the manager isnt gonna like this, but Im not going to tell her, heck, I dont wanna clean it up

4. Did you hear about that turd burgler? He got a year in jail....man...of all the things you could get arrested for
by dave m w November 03, 2007

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1. (american) - The thc crystals often found on a properly cured high quality marijuana plant. The buds are ground, the kiff sifted through a mesh and then it is pressed into hashish with a pollen press.

2. (canadian) - dirty nasty weed, or swag. Marijuana of an inferior quality.
1. "ive got a little kiff I can sprinkle onto your buds if you want to roll a blunt"

2. "Im not buying that, thats straight kiff".
by dave m w October 29, 2007

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1. crack cocaine
2. acid or lsd
3. a place where you are paid for your time and effort
4. lowerclass people who do things like clean a rich persons house or mow their lawn
1. "Hey man I got that all white work!"
2. "Yeah, Ill be at the lot all day with my work"
3. "ah crap...I gotta be at work in 20"
4. "Oh we -never- socialize with the work"
by dave m w October 29, 2007

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1. To each contribute money into the purchase of a drug or booze.

"hey, ya wanna throwdown on a 20 sack? Ive got 10 on it"

"I have enough for a fifth, but if you are willing to throwdown we can get a half gallon?"
by dave m w October 29, 2007

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1. "headies" are in actuality the very tip top of the cannabis bud material. Only the top half inch can really be classified as a "heady"

2. a word goofy young stoner kids use to describe something as cool
1a. " that kid doesnt know what hes talking about, sure its high grade stuff, but not headies"

1b. "Yeah, I trimmed off the headies of every plant and set them aside for my personal. Ill sell the rest and make butter from the leaves"

2. "ahhh man this tye dye is headies!!!"
by dave m w October 29, 2007

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to have sexual intercourse with a man or a woman
We were beaking all night long!
by dave m w October 29, 2007

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