a common style of clothing worn by hippies, it can be hand made, by using elastic bands on shirts and then adding random dyes and washing it all together and it makes 'groovy' patterns. Though anyone who wears tye dye now a days probably buys it like that, and might wear it as part of a costume or to be ironic.
hippie: whoa dude..I spent all night tye dyeing my socks man, grooovy whoooaaaa *gets high*

mom: when I was a girl I had a tye dye backpack

dude: God this room is bright, it looks like one of jerry garcia's tye dyed shirts!
by kater June 8, 2006
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When you spill maple syrup and it stains your jeans, denim jacket, or canadian tuxedo.
I had a sloppy breakfast. Now i'm rocking a canadian tye-dye all day. Unbelievable!
by Ronald Inho January 10, 2009
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a sexual act performed in which the participants smear each other with a concoction of blended fecal matter and seminal fluid (and urine if thats your kind of thing)
Do you know Rick? him and his girlfriend were on shrooms and i guess they tye dye lobster bibbed.
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