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to get completely insane and have a wild night that is 10x worse than the hangover.
El Cyber- "lets get bushy with it!"

Senior Preacher- "give us the holy El Cyber"

El Cyber- "you must all rape the Chinese people it is the only way" *moves hands in a grasping motion*
by datdick May 01, 2011

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the most bushiest movie of all time. sharks that growl like tigers, strange random people with horns (or a huge pimple), random church scenes, people driving ski-doo's into sharks mouths, most one line cheesy lines of all time, words that don't match the actors mouths, pictures that crop your finger from the shot automatically, telling people not to do sexy things 5000 feet in the ocean, boats with infinite full throttle, the most epic use of the word shit, fake stock footage, random sex scenes (fishing for marlin????), subs with Nintendo controllers and can launch torpedoes somehow that magically detach from the ship.
actual quote in shark attack 3:

girl-im exhausted

guy- yea me too but you know i'm really wired. whatdoya say i take you home and eat your pussy?

cut to sex shower scene...
by datdick May 26, 2011

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the most bushiest man the world has ever known. able to rape anything with his possessed one nut. even dinosaurs. he could literally reach back in time and rape anything. his hands were the size of a tv screen and gave him untold abilities to give others "the holy". one time he raped everyone that was Chinese because it was the only way. destroyer of pumpkin festivals, master of the bush, hang time champion for a compact car, and ultimate praise machine. his death was mourned by many but had he lived the world as we know it would have been destroyed. will return in the 2nd resurrection. also known as the man in the sunfire.
eye witness1: my first encounter with el cyber is a day i will never forget. he rode through my town in a sunfire, and i thought he was a normal man but i was wrong. and i knew i was wrong when everyone started screaming in pain and pleasure. and i realized they were all being raped by one man. and he was the man in the sunfire.

eye witness2 : i knew el cyber since i was young. his possessed one nut is just so...(long pause)...UNTANGABLE! you cannot control it...
by datdick June 04, 2011

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to have a blowout of epic proportions. the blowout is so unexpected that there is no time to lube up for it thus the raw part.
guy 1: i just banged a chick while driving 80mph on my hood when i realized she came inside me because she had the cock.

guy 2: that was some rippage i bet?

guy 1: yes. raw rippage.
by datdick June 04, 2011

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another cracker who thinks saggy pants and crying about his mom and daughter is cool and has sparked every white person in every small town in the USA to act hard, sag pants, beat women, do drugs, and not work.

first few albums were great and were played at almost every high school dance. then more of the same thing in years that followed turning many people away from his music.

retired then came back. stopped rapping about his mom after 10 years. white people got angry.
eminem- look dre i think ima do my first 5 cds about my mom and haily

dre- wont that get old?

eminem- no bc im white but ill spray paint myself black
by datdick May 26, 2011

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