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someone whose attitudes are layered in assitude, a super asshat.
Jerry is such an assgarb.
by dannyshamas November 18, 2010

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an idol or something worshiped as a god, it is Yiddish for little god, a pejorative term
Did you see that getshke James brought?
by dannyshamas October 27, 2010

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a severe talking to, or something similar for someone who thinks they are great
Boy does Sally need an ego condom
by dannyshamas October 24, 2010

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A stupid, mean person. The combination of dipshit and bitch.
Jennifer is such a dipbitch, she called Randy retarded. dipshit, bitch, jerk
by dannyshamas December 10, 2015

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to make up one's mind through a poll of friends and/ or enemies, usually in written form, an acronym for Make up My Mind.
I wrote a MuMM today, to find out what peanut butter is best.
by dannyshamas December 13, 2010

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HDD, shorthand for Humor Deficit Order, a condition of no discernible sense of humor
Jerry hardly smiles, he must have HDD.
by dannyshamas September 05, 2018

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Yiddish word meaning totally lost or confused
He went to New York and he became farblonjet.
by dannyshamas December 13, 2010

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