Chris: "Want some weed?"
Dan: "I didn't know you were a stoneman."
by DannyK June 2, 2005
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A fat bastardly lizard prick that eats more kfc than Godzilla
The local kfc tan put of chicken must of had an Owen stoneman
by power playa November 23, 2017
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a school full of weird emo kids, furries, druggies, and white sga whores. bitches name zoey and shit like that be hoing around your boyfriend when in reality she and her friends are the ugliest bitches. these ugly idiotic bimbos will steal your man because they have 1 thousand followers.
friend: “i go to marjory stoneman douglas
me: “i keep you in my prayers
by xoxoasianbitch November 23, 2019
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A garbage filled highschool with incompetant teachers who assign too much homework, rich blonde bimbo bitches who sleep with everyone's boyfriend and a whole lot of weed.
aka: douglas, stoneman douglas, msd
guy 1: UGH I just found out i'm going to marjory stoneman douglas high next year
guy 2: Here's a gun, just kill yourself now
by Jessicaisrad June 14, 2008
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Ryan is a cool guy but has a twisted side. Reeks of bud and preys on insecurities. Unlike his name he isn't much of a rock and can be quite flimsy.
by Djdonk November 23, 2021
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