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A person who calls himself hipster, however his music knowledge is based on radio hits,dances like a crazy fag on parties and combines skinny jeans with flip-flops.

Also refers to a hipster scenario perfomed by normie people.
You see that douche jumping around taking pictures of everyone?

he is the worst hipster knockoff I've ever seen.
by danne August 13, 2010

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just for you to know
that stain on your car is not pineapple juice, j4u2no
by danne July 21, 2010

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an obese young person with a enthusiastic interest in contemporary alternative pop culture specifically music and fashion.
- look at that guy he seems pretty chill, almost like a hipster but fat

- yeah he's a fatster
by danne March 25, 2011

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it's the new what's up!
- what's trending!
- uhh nuthing much turns out my boyfriend is ghey,
should have known since the first date when he told me he liked ke$ha
by danne February 01, 2011

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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
- hmm this triple chocolate double butter cake is the greatest feeling ever
- hmm I prefer the Skinny Feeling thank you very much
by danne April 15, 2011

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when you flush a public toilet even though it looks clean, just to make sure.
- are the toilets shit safe?

- they are alright, you may wanna do a security flush n e ways.

- well yeah I always do
by danne March 07, 2012

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