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To apply the nonchalant attitude of the athiest to any racist situation.

To understand, acknowledge, but not partake or react to casual racism. To be unshaken by the leisurely dissing of a raceor nationality; To be r.atheist.
bill: haha, that lesser race in comparison to mine just fell down them thar steps!

skip: i do like a good falling down.

bill: why you engaging in such r.atheism, skip? get off the fence.
by danephaild October 26, 2011
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Rita: Russia doesn't dope their athletes.
Pamela: You're speaking ridiculese, Rita
by danephaild May 1, 2018
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A sarcastic expression usually used in a derogatory fashion commenting on the quality of an item, person or action.
Thats a top quality crossbow there Ronnie...
(actually means: that crossbow is appalling, you will shoot yourself in the groin with it in a minute. Spastic.
by danephaild May 2, 2006
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