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sound a raptor makes
omg a raptor came up to me a traders joe's screaming "rararara"

by dancer11667 November 13, 2020
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Nishjasmine is an old native woman who is overweight and hits her kids with a wooden spoon. Wrinkles.
Nishjasmine paddled me yesterday

Oh poor you

Nishjasmine is worst fat mom ever!
by dancer11667 July 20, 2019
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You are very lucky if you have a Mattea in your life. Matteas seem very quiet and well behaved at first, but once you get to know one, you’re in for a wild ride. A Mattea will most likely enjoy math, but they excel at reading and writing. However, they are not good at science stuff. Matteas have an amazing artistic ability and are very good at picking up new skills. They also have great perseverance. Matteas sometimes fail to see their natural beauty, because they are so humble. A Mattea is generally an introvert, but when around people they trust, a Mattea is as extroverted as it gets. Overall you are very lucky if you know a Mattea and you should always be there for your Mattea as they always will give you a shoulder to cry on.
Girl 1: Who’s that?
Girl 2: Oh that’s Mattea, only the nicest, most hilarious, and beautiful girl around
Girl 3: Have you seen her artwork? She’s Leonardo Da Vinci reincarnated!

Boy 1: I just got a date with the best girl ever. She’s sweet, smart, talented, and super hot
Boy 2: She sounds like a Mattea, you’re so lucky brooo!
by dancer11667 June 11, 2019
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A Sylvia has a great sense of humor and is probably the funniest person you know. Sylvia’s are often very beautiful, no matter how many times they deny it. They have many secret talents, including painting. Sylvia’s are also amazing singers but afraid to show the world their voice. A Sylvia is athletic, but won’t be taking up more than 2 sports at a time. Sylvia’s make great best friends and will never judge you and will always be there. A Sylvia is a great person to vent to, and they don’t try, but Sylvia’s talk so much that you have to be careful what secrets you tell them. But don’t worry, if it is a very important and personal thing, a Sylvia will know not to share. Sylvia’s are also very smart, but tend not to try (or turn their work in). Sylvias are the best people to turn to if you’re sad, as they always know what to say. They offer great comfort. You can never stay mad at a Sylvia for more a minute. And a bonus: Sylvia’s give great hugs. You are so very lucky if you have a Sylvia.
I was so sad last night, but then I talked to Sylvia and I felt better right away!
Yeah, she has that affect on people

Guy 1: Damnnn Sylvia is so hot
Guy 2: I know! How can she not see it?
Guy 1: Oh shit she’s looking at me
Guy 2: play it cool man
Guy 3: She’s so sexy and kind.. no wonder her name is sylvia
Guy 1: Hey back off she’s mine
by dancer11667 June 12, 2019
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