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The most beautiful, nice, funny, awesome, amazing, cool, awesmazing, interesting girl ON THE PLANET!
I love Mattea, she's the BEST
by Byron67000 February 04, 2010
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The most beautiful girl in the world
everyone either wants to be her, or wants to be with her
shes the deffinition of beauty
by dijasha February 05, 2008
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A super bad ass spontanois chickita with a great sense of humor. Pretty edgy and super hot
she's the kinda girl who could punch a guy in the balls if they say the wrong thing but weak if you press the right buttons.
thinks 60's rock is the shit and hates starbucks. they usually read wierd webcomics about grey kids with horns.
Boy1: damn that girl is such a Mattea
Boy2: oh fuck man she's looking our way act natural.
by anonumas May 03, 2013
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A girl that loves when people take random of photos of her. Also she likes the word vsco and cats. She’s got a flat booty but still gets sausage. When boys she her they’re like d*mn is that Mattea.
Dude you know I wanna get myself a Mattea
by Potatop November 08, 2017
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