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A non-verbal form of communication used by men and women to initiate a hook-up and/or long-term relationship. The winkler consists of unzipping one's pants and waving one's penis at women until one of the women winks at the man doing the winkler thus confirming the hook-up.

Women with flabby labias and clitori have also been known to do the winkler.
"How did you meet such an intelligent, moral and beautiful woman so full of life and joy?"

"The winkler man, the winkler."

"How did you get frostbite on your clitoris?"

"The winkler sister, the winkler."
by dah Bodawg December 24, 2010

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A term literally meaning inflammation of the douche. Clinical psychologists are currently using this term to describe a sexual disorder that causes individuals to transfer their sexual desires into the sexual behaviors and fetish of World Domination. (see World Domination) The disorder is commonly found in individuals working in middle to upper management for large corporations, investment bankers, business entrepreneurs, politicians and women who are nursing or pregnant.
The exact cause of the disorder remains yet unknown to psychologists. However, psychologists have observed many similarites in males and females who suffer from the disorder. Males with douchebagitus are often found to have ridiculously small sexual organs. Both the penis and testes are considered by clinical psychologists to be "hilariously small". In extreme cases some males often only have a urethra without a shaft. Females with the disorder often suffer from little to no nerve activity in their sexual organs.

Psychologists theorize that the lack of regular sexual satisfaction in these individuals causes them to slowly become bitter towards the world until all their desires are manifested in World Domination, wherein they receive sexual satisfaction.
Douchebagitus... look around... watch the news...
by dah Bodawg December 24, 2010

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Sexual behaviors engaged in by individuals suffering from a sexual disorder referred to by clinical psychologists as 'Douchebagitus'. (see Douchebagitus) The disorder is commonly found in those who enjoy working in middle to upper management for large corporations, business entrepreneurs, politicians, investment bankers, and women who are nursing or pregnant.
The specific sexual behaviors of those diagnosed with the disorder vary, however are similar in that the consequences of the sexual behaviors result in the rape and destruction of mother earth and/or the subjugation and objectification of humanity. 'Douchebagery' is a term often used by clinical psychologists to describe these behaviors. (see Douchebagery)
While these behaviors cause the afflicted individuals anxiety and loss of enjoyment and the earth to become uglified and uninhabitable, the afflicting individuals with Douchebagitus usually experience orgasmic euphoria either upon completion of the behavior or when witnessing the consequences of their behaviors. Viewing bank statements, viewing crushed spirits, and signing documents are activities that often trigger the orgasmic euphoria in the individual with Douchebagitus.
World Domination... In rare cases the euphoria can become constant, which signals a chronic Douchebagitus condition. Psychologists theorize that the cause of constant euphoria in the individual is the result of the individual behaving in a manner that results in perpetual destruction of the earth and/or humanity. A case study performed on President George W. Bush Jr. during his presidency found him to be in this state of constant euphoria. The constant euphoria resulted in an IQ level of 52, an inability to articulate speech, a blank stare, and contorted facial expressions. Psychologists also theorize that the delayed and nonchalant response to the BP oil leak was caused by an intense euphoria experienced by many individuals with Douchebagitus.
by dah Bodawg December 23, 2010

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We're making sure your shit isn't completely tarded...
Your entry is under review by editors.

Word: tarded

Definition: The bras at the Sig Ep frat bras.

Example: "Those Sig Eps are tarded bra!"

Tags: Frats, Frateternities, Sig Eps, Metal Disabilitries, Bras

Your pseudonym: Delta Delta Tau Bra, bra!

Your email: deltataubraatgmail.com
by dah Bodawg December 24, 2010

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1. When one takes a shower that does not fully get one clean or necessarily eliminate all of the odors on the onel.

The shower simply causes the odors on the individual to congeal into one musty scent composed of the various scents on the individual. One can take a belgian shower by refusing to use soap and simply basking in water, or by taking a shower in Belgium.

2. When an individual lives on a diet of beer, waffles, and chocolate for a period of time long enough to get severly dehydrated and once dehydrated urinates the grossest urine imaginable on another individual.
1. John: Damn, that girl is gorgeous, but she smells like ass, sperm, sweat, and perfume all congealed into one.

Frank: Dude we're in Belgium... she only takes belgian showers.

2. Dude I on my tour of Europe I ended up getting really fucked up, I visited this little country and lived off beer, waffles and chocolate for like a week and now I'm in some porno giving some fat bitch a belgian shower.
by dah Bodawg January 16, 2011

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When one posts a definition that may be offensive to a specific audience based on nationality, race, gender etc., and then all the posting individual's definitions receive the same amount of dislikes.

Idiots who do Urban Dictionary ad hominem often times do not have sufficient imagination, vocabulary, or sense of humor to post a response.
After posting the definition belgian shower, my other definitions immediately received the same amount of dislikes. Should have known them Belgians would do Urban Dictionary ad hominem.
by dah Bodawg January 20, 2011

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1. An insult to anyone not of belgian nationality. In one sense, it can be meant as a contradiction in terms if not speaking about a belgian.

2. Refers to a belgian's lack of motivation and ingenuity. (see belgian) Rather than coming up with a response in defense of belgian character, the belgians just click dislike.
In rare cases, a belgian will proceed to do urban dictionary ad hominem, thus displaying the extent of belgian spirit. Sources speculate that Belgium was made head of the EU for the sole purpose of giving belgians some motivation to try to correct ths issue... however, it did not. Europe continues to pity its beer, waffle, and chocolate addicted, cynical second cousin.
1. Jean: "Tom just insulted my mom on facebook. I would reply, but I really don't feel like putting in the effort to type something back or to to come up something nonetheless."
Paul: "Damn Jean, since when did you get a belgian spirit?"
Paul: Now, that's belgian spirit!

2. belgian: "Damn there are only insults under the term belgian on UD."

Nederlander: "Hey, maybe you should type up something in defense of the term belgian."

belgian: "Naw, that would take too much time I'll just click dislike."
Nederlander: "you're not going to do anything more than that?"

belgian: "You're right I should go and dislike all the author's definitions."

Nederlander: "You're seriously not going to write a response?"
belgian: "I already said no. Get off my back its been like twenty minutes since I've had waffles, chocolate or beer."

Nederlander: "Is that all you consume?"
belgian: "Yeah, my girlfriend likes it when I give her belgian showers.
Nederlander: "Sick fucking belgian!"
belgian: (sleeping)
Nederlander: Now that's belgian spirit!
by dah Bodawg January 21, 2011

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