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1. When one takes a shower that does not fully get one clean or necessarily eliminate all of the odors on the onel.

The shower simply causes the odors on the individual to congeal into one musty scent composed of the various scents on the individual. One can take a belgian shower by refusing to use soap and simply basking in water, or by taking a shower in Belgium.

2. When an individual lives on a diet of beer, waffles, and chocolate for a period of time long enough to get severly dehydrated and once dehydrated urinates the grossest urine imaginable on another individual.
1. John: Damn, that girl is gorgeous, but she smells like ass, sperm, sweat, and perfume all congealed into one.

Frank: Dude we're in Belgium... she only takes belgian showers.

2. Dude I on my tour of Europe I ended up getting really fucked up, I visited this little country and lived off beer, waffles and chocolate for like a week and now I'm in some porno giving some fat bitch a belgian shower.
by dah Bodawg January 16, 2011
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