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A backwards Spoonerism of "fat penis". One of the three standards of the Sinep Scale. Term used to identify 9% of the male popualtion of the world. Tapsinefs are generally more respected than their llampsine counterparts. Tapsinefs have the potential to be a gipsineb, but don't understand this potential. While many tapsinefs do have a higher fat content within the body from poor nutrition and/or lack of exercise, it is not necessary for tapsinefism. Though, a giveaway for a tapsinef is to have a fat penis. Are known to have minimal physical contact with sunlight or the outdoors. Spend a huge excess of time playing video games and little contact with people, especially of the opposite gender. Are usually nervous, shy, awkward and often suffer from delusions of grandeur of an unrealistically beautiful woman sweeping THEM off their feet. Basically, if you're not a douchebag (llampsine) but aren't an Alphamale (gipsineb), you're a tapsinef.
Parker: "Coño, mang. Look at her, she's even checking you out. Go over and talk to her!"
Amir: "I can't. I don't want to..."
Jason: "You're being a tapsinef like Faraz."
Parker: "Got 'em..."
by d3ck3r November 01, 2014
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